A little talk… with result!

Mum, listen, I said. Mum, you and me we have to have a nice little chat. You hear me? A nice little chat. As she does in those circomstances, I raised my voice a bit.
Got immediatly her attention.

Mum, listen. I like you crocheting small and big critters of all kind. I like to see and inspect the critters. But now you go a bit too far. Even the française agrees this time, although the crocheting does not interest her… she only likes to run around with little left overs. 🙂 🙂

Mum, but this time, I said, this time you really go too far! We have two cats in the house! i can’t support that! I really can’t! Although one is a very famous cat from a book!
No way!

Well, I said, well, what are you going to do about it? And I’m serious, you know! 😉

You know what? Mum bursted out in laughter! Go figure! This should be a serious little chat, an important one and she bursts out in laughter? 😦

What? They will leave? LEAVE?!!! Okay, no more chat needed. Time for a nap. Mum still laughs… 😉

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