Especially for my overseas friend… sir Darwin!

When my mum is before the special television with a thing on which she types… sometimes I can have a look! That’s when there are beautiful airedale-sirs and airedale-ladies!

So I met Sadie and Missi and Gracie and Paisly… you know, the gang with the get-on-the-list-thing?!
But now, we found some pictures of me some time ago! I first thougt it were pictures of sir Darwin! Sir Darwin is the dale with the beautiful and very special ears! My mum likes him! She says he isn’t as young as me but still going very strong! But not as old as my grandpa Lennox neither! I admire sir Darwin, he’s a real airedale-sir! Oh, yes!!

Well, sir Darwin, have a look at my pics! Are my ears as beautiful as yours? I hope so!!

PS Will you please tell your dad my mum tries to vote when she can?

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