Me? Tired!… My mum? Proud of me!

This was so nice! On monday morning things were different! We got up very, very early! After breakfast, we go to the dogpark. Me and mum. This time, my grandpa Lennox came too! He did not understand, neither did I.

We came in the dogpark! Big, very big surprise! Who is there? Holidaymum! Hey, holidaymum, do you have a treat for us? Of course, she has! 🙂 And look!!! Dixie and Eva are there too! Grandpa, grandpa, Dixie is there! Your girlfriend Dixie is there!

What is mum doing? She gives our leashes at holidaymum? Oh, can we go home with her? Grandpa, you see that? Yes, holiday at holidaymum’s place! Waaauw!! Woof, woof! Euh, mum is leaving the park?? Grandpa Lennox even doesn’t notice, but I do! I say bye!!

On Tuesday evening dad and mum came to get us at holidaymum’s place. I was so very, very tired! I played all the time with Eva! We had so much fun! We didn’t have time for mischiefs this time! Mum was so proud of me! 😉

And today? I slept all day! Really, I slept all day! 😉 🙂

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