Evening out… on the 16th floor!

In my life, bizar things happen! Really!

Yesterday evening! Mum and dad were invited for dinner at the place of mum’s friend. We arrive! Jesus, what a house! So big! Even the big boxes in the special park and the big buildings near that park are little if you see this building. (If you don’t remember: look here: https://everydayanairedale.wordpress.com/2013/08/22/a-big-day-real-big/ ) Mum says: no pics, it’s too dark!

What does my mum say? I have to be a good girl because we go to the 16th floor? What’s that? 16th floor? We enter a very small room, have seen that before, oh, yes, this lady knows some things! Doors close and up we go! That takes a long time! Is it finished? Not Yet? Ieeeieeegrrrwaf!

Kita, shut up! Be a good girl, I said!

Ouf, the doors open! And there is mum’s friend! We go in and the talking and eating (!)of the mums and dads starts! I’m a good girl, I get a treat and there’s a lot of chew-work to do… 😉 I even get a drink! 😉 Several drinks!

But I can not play with the funny carpet! i kept an eye on it almost all the time. This dinner takes time: they are cooking at the table! Tell me, this is bizar, no? But the mums and dads enjoy it! This goes on and on… pfff, I’ll take a nap! 🙂

  1. hmmm…cooking on the table? raclette or fondue? psst…kita…just wait for someone to knock their fondue fork or raclette pan on the floor. keep them drinking wine, and it’s bound to happen!

    • Hey misses Kristin… i think it was a kind of grill, there was meat and cheese too and all kind of vegetables! Quit special. And nothing fell of the table!!! 😦 Mum says you are in Berlin?! Is it nice there? Big hugs from Kita

      • OH yes. Sound like raclette. Make sure if they offer you cheese, it’s only melted first. Otherwise, hold your nose, lil’ lady!

        We’re in Berlin, and it’s so nice. We already saw a dale sir! We thought of you!

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