What??!… Eating this ball??!

My mum’s human pup has a vegetable garden, I already told that! We went to see that! I tell you: this garden is weird! There are growing balls in it!

The human pup showed me the ball. Of course I wanted to play with it! I couldn’t! I tell you: what’s the idea like: to make growing balls in your garden and then, you cannot play with them! This airedale-lady thinks that is very stupid! 😉

And then, it was even getting more crazy! They were eating the ball! I tell you! Yes, it is the truth: they were eating the ball! And the good news? I got a very little piece of it, so did my grandpa Lennox! Yummie! Very yummie! Tasted better than the tennisballs in the dogpark! Those humans know what is good, I admit that! 🙂
Maybe it is not that stupid to have growing balls in the garden?? 😉





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