Unusual Friday… Great friday and big new friend! ;-)

This time, I understand it immediatly! After breakfast mum takes two leashes! So grandpa Lennox is coming too! Think I know what we are going to do! To the dogpark and then… maybe to holidaymum?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Holidaymum is there! What did I say!
Oh, and Eros is there too? And Ernie is coming! Grandpa, this sounds like big fun! We play all day! Even Ernie played this time! Yes! Great Friday while mum is to the city of ‘Gent’, visiting a ‘seamum of dings’.

Help! Design museum, Kita! Design museum!

So, while mum was at the ‘dings’, we had a great time! Are we already going home, holidaymum? It seems so! We arrive in the dogpark! Yes, my mum is there! Yes, yes, I run as fast as I can to say hello and I jump! Mum even does not say no? And I jump up? 😉 Waauw, she must be happy to see me!

Oh, and look over there! My new big friend is there too! Konan, Konan… I’m here! Konan is a giant gentleman Leonberger of two years old! He is very gentle and he is a man! A very big man, I like him! Mum, you have the blinking box to make pics? We move too much to have good pictures? Well, we play, you have to understand! 😉

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