Me?… Best detective ever!

This time I have no idea where we are going. We go with the car, that’s for sure because I get my harness on and we step in! 🙂 Mum sits next to me, as always when Lennox is not coming. We like that! Cuddling time! 🙂

Where are we now? I have never been here! This is a shop I think! I look around before we go in! Look! A big dog at the entrance: a german shepherd… Where is the airedale? We go in!

My goodness! This is a petshop! And a very big one! A really big one! Yihaaaaa; Wagwoofwaf. never been here! Wafwaf!

Kita, shut up or we will be put out! Sssstttt!

Wafwafwaf! I’ll be quiet! First we choose a collar with lights for me! Within a few weeks it will be dark soon and mum wants to see where I am when I’m off the leash in the dogpark. She knows since last year I can hide very well! This one? Really? Even my overseas friends will see me! 😉 🙂
While dad looks at other collars and leashes-stuff, I may look around, my mum says! No need to say that 2 times! 🙂
I’m sniffing all kind of good things! (Mum watches me!!! only sniffing is allowed – ggrrr)

Kita, find your dinnerfood and Lennox’s too! Be a detective, my girl! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Euh, what does she say? Why is she laughing? Does she think I can not do that? I’ll show her not to mock with me! I step around sniffing! I stop: this smells like the chunks of my grandpa Lennox! i look at mum. Does she see I know it. Yes she does! What an incredible face she makes! hahaha! She puts the bag on the car! She almost does not believe it! Told you, mum, not to mock with my nose!
Now i still have to find mine! YES, YES, YES… these are defenitely mine, I get almost in the hole, on the bags. Mum really is surprised! Hahaha!

Me? Best food-detective ever! 😉

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