We get… bananas!

Just have to tell this quickly before my mum wants to work on this tv-type-thing! I think Ernie’s mum has very fine ideas! I really do! Listen to this!

My grandpa Lennox and me, we sometimes eat things we find in the park, especially rabbit droppings and other ‘s…’  … Mum does not like us to do that, that’s mum! We like it, she doesn’t!! 😦
Ernie’s mum told her to give us a banana every day and we won’t do it anymore. Nice advice, very nice advice because we like bananas! We love babanas!

So every day we get a half banana each! Not a whole one! 😦 Anyway: better a half one then no banana at all! See us, mum had the blinking thing to see us waiting! 😉

PS Mum remarked this morning that it works! We eat less rabbit droppings and other s…. Do we, grandpa Lennox?

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