Very flashy… can’t fool mum anymore! :-(

My goodness! My dogness! This is… well, it is… it is… flashy! My new collar to go out in the dark? Dog, dog, dog… this is special! Worst of all: I can’t hide anymore! I can’t fool mum anymore! She sees me everywhere!

I run to the left, I hide at the right… she sees me and calls or whistles me in the correct direction! That was different before! I could go anywhere in the dark without being seen! I could dig without being seen! End of the darkness-fun!

Mum, why grandpa Lennox does not have to wear this? Only me? I am the lady, you know!… I must admit, I’m the runner and the one who disappears in the dark too… Maybe that has something to do with it? 😦

Film and pics as usual… ;-( of me in the dark… A dark film, my mum says!! Well, what did she expect, really?!! 😉 You see the lights of the buildings and the street, but the red moving light? That’s me!!!

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