Mum says… this is for all the friends who asked…

Oké guys, my collar is a bit of a success, says my mum. She says a foreign friend thinks I’m a red, low flying UFO! Waaauw! That’s me from today on: an UFO-airedale-lady! Waaaauw, wooofwaf, I’m proud of my collar!

Mum, let’s go out, it’s dark, I want to ‘ufo’!

What does she say? I first have to show you the pics of my UFO-collar! And mum says I have to tell it is a little bit expensive. About 20 euros over here. For my overseas friends: mum’s tv-type-machien did some calculating: 27 US-dollars or almost 17 British pounds.
She says I have to be careful with my UFO-collar! 😉 Of course I will be careful, this lady wants to stay an UFO-lady in the dark!

Come on, mum, I told everything you asked, we go out to ‘ufo’! 😉

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