Me and mum… on citytrip!

Yesterday weather was nice but not too hot as it will be today and tomorrow! So, me and mum we were out and about! A real citytrip! Yes, yes, this lady makes real touristic city trips! ❤

Hahahaha! Are you surprised? For us a city trip to a very old city center is only 500 meters (0.3 miles)! Hahahaha. We only have to cross the river. Because there is no bridge over the river Scheldt you have choices: there are 2 tunnels for cars, there is the metro and a special tunnel for pedestrians. That’s all under the water!
Since short we can go on the water: there is a boat for bikers and me and mum. No cars allowed! 😉

So we took the boat! We had to wait: very unlady-like I barked a few times they should hurry! Mum was not pleased!
We made a few pics in the city of our touristic city trip! And then we bought postcards! As you do on city trips! 🙂

We came home with the metro! That’s quicker, you see! I did not bark and went on the escalator like a very good lady! All other tourists were very surprised! 😉 ❤

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