Big fototoot, ending with… holes

Story goes like this…

We have a very nice friend in Canada! His name is Duke. (He is the one with the Belgian harness, remember?) And his mum and dad are very nice too! For the celebration of the birthday of Canada we got a big parcel! With little presents for all of us! ❤ Thank you so much! ❤

Me and Lizzie, we got Canadian bandanas. Of course mum wanted a fototoot! Ohlalalala, these ideas of mum! Me and tooting: no problem! Learned it already when I was a baby and this lady is very good at it. BUT… the française and fototooting: ohlalalalala… 😉

But mum is as stubborn as an airedale… What do I say? More stubborn than an airedale! If she wants a fototoot, she’ll get it! Be sure of that!

Yes, she got it! BUT… ending a bit different as she wanted! First of all: Lizzie moved all the time! I had my famous chat with her and in the end… we got a few good pics. I told mum to keep the bloopers too!
And then… sissie started a fight! She wanted MY bandana of course! Result? A hole in the bandana!
Then, mum wanted to take off my bandana to rescue it. The française lanced a new attack for the bandana at the same time and did not grab the bandana but mum’s arm! 😦
Second hole!!!

Proof in pics and video! Note to mum: no bandanas when Lizzie is around and think twice before you start fototooting with Lizzie!



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