Hilarious… says my mum!

When mum eats a cup of soup, she likes these cracking things in it. She says it is bread, baked bread… Normally I do not get any of these cracking little ones, but… never say never if you are an airedale! 😉

Last time, some little cracky fell on the ground. Mum said I could take it and I ate it: crackcrakcrack… Mum laughedand laughed and even gave me another one! Go figure! 
Crackcrakcrackcrackcrakcrackcrackcrakcrackcrackcrakcrack… mum was laughing so hard that I got even another one! As you can understand I was not stubborn and took it… A lady should know when to be stubborn and when not, that’s my slogan! 🙂

So today, I was in the magician business!!! With a very small thing I can make big noises! Big Crackcrakcrackcrackcrakcrackcrackcrakcrackcrackcrakcrack.  Mum made a movie! 

Mum says everybody might have a good laugh and the cracking might crack you up a bit if you need it! 🙂



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