Again?… Same misery? :-(

Mum said we can not go to the huge dogpark for a few weeks… Why not? 😦 Mum, just show me why not!
She does, we go there! Oh mum, there are fences! That’s not funny! 😦 Fences are for big masses of humans, not for us, doggies! Remember the ten miles? Fences are for humans… they are stubborn: they go where they should not and make things dirty! That’s why they need fences! 😉

Yes Kita, that’s why there are fences! Soon there is the Summerfestival with about fourty thousand people. That’s a mass of people all right!

Oh, as many as for the ten miles! Okay, I see, fences are needed. It makes me a bit mad though, we can’t go there! We even can’t go in the little wood, running after the bunnies. But I see: bunnies have to be protected from the humans! I understand! 😉
I hate this situation though! 😦

Mum, look, this is where humans are going to pee and poop… I have to inspect. That’s different at home… here are no little rooms… hahahaha… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Not yet, Kita, not yet… 🙂

Mum, will the humans be sitting in the big water puddles, because of the rain? 😉 What, you don’t know? Maybe less humans will come?

Mum, mum, mum… I remember! Last year, it was the same misery, no? Afterwards all the dirt?!!! 😦 Do you remember too? I see your face! You remember! You were angry and sad!
What do you say? Be a bit tolerant for the happening and the fences?
Oh yes, we will go to the small dogpark tomorrow but we will never be tolerant about the dirt after the party! We do not understand that part of the fun, do we, mum? 😦

No, Kita, we do not understand!

See, that’s why doggies understand the protection of  the bunnies and why doggies don’t go there for a few weeks! It is soooo sad, isn’t it, mum? 😦

PS We even did not mention the music-noise, very bad for doggie and bunny and bird ears… For humans too, go figure!


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