Wow!!! Wow!!!…See this…

You see: that’s why I choose my mum more then 5 years ago! 🙂 ❤ This is why! She is as much a lady as I am, of course, but I knew it from the first sight being still a baby: she is as rascally a terrier as I am! Proof of this? Today!!! 😉

One of mum’s very big wishes since about 8 years, since she is a library mum, well that is that I could go to her library with her… even if it was just for once and only a few minutes… 🙂 But there is one big problem: doggies are not allowed in schools! Doggies are forbidden to enter… 😦

Tomorrow, holidays will start and this afternoon there were no students and only a few colleagues… So my mum said it would be nice to have a fototoot of me with all her boxes in the library… 🙂 (You know: the moving party of a part of the books)
And you know what? SSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTT… she was smuggling me in… we sneaked in secretly, said hello to Bacon’s mum, went to the library, made the toot and 10 minutes later we sneaked out! 🙂 
No harm done! 🙂 And me and mum we were so happy! THE lady in THE library! Go figure this!

But: ssssstttttttttt, this is a very big secret and mum says this will never happen again. That might be true… it’s the first time I know my mum is as rascally as I am! But I, today, I was acting as a real lady and a real librarymum! Fototoot is the proof! ❤

PS More comments are with the pics!

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