World goes… nuts!

Well, yesterday morning me and mum were at the beach. That happens more… But in summer months, I’m not allowed of leash, (there are ven parts where I can’t go – we don’t!!) So we get up very, very early and go there when everybody sleeps. So I can run for a while… ❤

Yesterday morning I saw something very strange. I saw a fish. I know: not strange at all at the seaside! But this fish was flying in the air and diving in the sea. Go figure!

I ordered mum to toot! Luckily she got the red thing in her big bag with the treats! 😉 Well, I have the proof of all this… And yes, mum, we agree! You often say it: the world goes nuts! You are very right!! 🙂 … For once! 😉


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