Tall or small… question of perception…

Because we still can’t go to the huge dogpark (not clean yet after the human music thing), we make huge walks. That’s in mum’s perception… I do less kilometers these days… 😉

So this evening we went to inspect something. From the kitchen window we spotted little flags, on top of the trees! Go figure!! Let’s go and see, mum said! I’m always in the mood for inspection! 😉

On the right bank, some sailing ships were berthing. Mum says these are from the sailing race of the Tall Ships.
I really had to giggle! Mum, please, we already saw much taller ships… hahaha. These are small! No? You see we disagree again! Why do they call them Tall Ships? They are what? Sailing ships and these are big ones… Okay, okay if you say so… I still think they are small! 😉

Fototoot of course! Even mummy duck and her little ones are in the toot! And guess what? Mum too… One of the workman of the city, a greenworker we regularly see on our morning walk,  kindly proposed to make a pic of both of us… 🙂 ❤

PS Last picture is especially for the mum of Hexe and James!

Mum found this in the online news paper! Have a look! You climb high up in the sailing ship!



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