Green clothes… and more.

This week, I received a letter! Yes, me, I received a letter. Mum was reading it to me. Letters were too small for me to read it myself, you see! 😉

I had to go somewhere, that was in the letter! So mum talked in her black box. 😉

And yesterday, off we were! With the metro! When we got off, I saw it! That’s the place of the green clothes, mum! I am not ill! Do I have to go there? Yes?! Why? 😦

First I had to sit on the scale. 25 kg=50 lbs. Mum said: very nice! Green clothes lady said: bravo! This lady keeps her girlish figure despite being spayed! She also said to go on and practice lot of runnning business! I’m pro! 😉

Then she listened, with long ears!!, to my hearth and lungs! Felicitations again! Very strong and healthy heart and very healthy lungs. 🙂 And nice teeth, she said!

But then there was the other part! Two syringes! I was not too happy with that but the green clothes lady told me I was a real lady and… I got two treats! Not one! Two! 😉 ❤

Afterwards we went to the little dogpark with the bizar trees! Bizar park! A doggie that did not want to play and a bunny that wanted to be chased…
Back home I needed a big nap!

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