Inspection business in… France!!!

Me and mum and dad, we travelled two days to get to the farm of Mano in France. Mano is at the Bridge running around with grandpa, but the farm is still there! 😉 🙂 ❤

And first thing today? Mum and her human friend started working… They are arranging the aquarium with all the fish my mum was making some time ago! 🙂

I had to inspect every stage of course! ❤
And I was not too pleased at the beginning! Only a few fish! And when it was ready they put the cover back on the aquarium and it was too dark! Just had to bark! Not good! 😦

They got it of again and only put a part of the cover on it. Yes, I agree! That’s okay! I inspected several times! 😉

I was pleased with the result and the human mums were too, but my mum is not too pleased with the fototoot… too difficult with all that glass and shinings and… things I do not understand… Tried to comfort her: mum, fish are beautiful! 🙂

And tomorrow we will have time to go running in the meadows? 🙂 Yeeeeey! Great! ❤

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