Update with… old news! :-)

A year ago, I told you  a bit of special news: a new street in our street:

Well, I think it might be fun to tell you how it is now! 😉

This street is for all the garbage. Me and mum, we often go there! We sort out at home everything, then we take the bags and the special card. We take the elevator and go to our little street! 🙂

There are 5 different little houses in the street. Roof of the houses open with your special card! And you put the correct garbage in the little house! The big house is under the ground and it eats everything! 😉

I always do the big inspection part, you know! Inspection business is grat in that little street! ❤


PS My friend Wally was passing by and his mum took a pic of me and mum! 🙂



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