Euh??? A new street… IN our street?

Noise, trucks, more noise, big holes, more noise, many workmen… my dogness! These last 2 weeks it was busy in our street! 😦

There is now a new street in our street! You don’t believe me? You are wrong! We really have a new street in our street! I admit, it is a little one! 🙂
And not completely finished but almost finished! 😉

Should I explain? In a few weeks, there will not any trucks pass by to collect garbage bags. No, the men are not on strike. We get a garbage street and a card. With that card we open a big box in the little new street and we put our garbage bags in it. 🙂
In the little street, which is called a “sorteerstraatje” = “sort by street” are different boxes for different garbage. You can’t put paper with plastic, you see? You should sort it out in advance! I know that since I was a baby! White bags, blue bags, green bags… all gone from now on! 😉

I’ll update you and show you when the boxes are there! 🙂 Anyway, I did a thorough inspection at the making of the street, what did you expect? 😉

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