Birthday-Française making… trouble!!

Today is a bit of a special day! It is the birthday of our Française! She is 2 years old now. Mum says that the Terrible Two-period starts today! Did not understand it untill just a few minutes later Lizzie was showing it… 😉

The husband of the human pup went to Porto some time ago and brought some nice things to put on your cup of hot coffee or hot tea… Mum explained the thing protects the table cloth. Hahaha, but the nice thing fell down when mum took her cup and she did not see it. Sissie did! So, nothing on the ground can be protected from the Française… Result? See the picture! 😉

Mum was not too pleased. But we got a birthday treat anyway. I took mine straight to my crate: just want to protect my things from the Française. She played a bit and came to her crate too We really enjoyed our bully stick! 🙂 ❤

Another year of patience with the Française, really, mum? Are you serious about this? Patience with me too till 3? Sssstttt, we do not talk about that!

PS Not possible to put the nice birthday bandana on Lizzie, she would tear it apart! 😉



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