WWF… = Weird Warm Friday!

Well, days are different,  these days… Mum is back to her new library, something about boxes and a foot that is not too right. That is why it is in a kind of bandage for strenght. She has one foot and the other is one and a half foot, you see… Naughty boxes, yes, something else than naughty dales… 😉

So, yesterday was weird. Dad was not home from early morning till late in the evening. The française did not understand. But… everything has a “but”… the human pup came to town! ❤

That is fun. Sissie Lizzie can’t stop jumping around and on her, although forbidden. Mum’s head still works and she got lunch out! Human pup was forgotten immediately!
After lunch, I was the lucky one walking the human pup, Lizzie was with mum. We went to the small dogpark nearby… The 1,5 foot of mum could not go any further! 😦

Go figure!! Human pup was chasing us all around the park and playing with the ball and hide and seek with us! She was doing 100 meter running sprints with the Française on the way home. I stayed with my mum! 🙂

We took pics! Even sissie was posing, as tired as we were!! 😉

PS I had to take my ball home myself! Did not want to come to go home and give the ball to mum, so home with the ball! lol


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