Yes mum, we dare ask all our friends all over the world… to vote!!!

Please, my dear friends… we need some help of the aireforce, we really do…

You know that my mum is the librarymum of a very big school for adult students! There are a lot of teachers too. The teachers are mum’s collegues! One of these teachers (he will be a father soon! ;-)) is a musician in a band! And now, his band is in a contest to win a performance-place on a festival!

They need votes to win, lots of votes! We need the help of the whole world, mum said. So I said I would ask my friends from all over the world, I said that the aireworld could make the whole difference! 🙂 ❤ We need more than 100 votes!

So, please, please, please… click on the link below and then click on “Lighthousing” ! (NOT The lighthouse!!!) It just takes two clicks, that’s all! Colleague will be so grateful and happy!!!

Ooh, and we need to be quick too! It’s only still today and tomorrow the 28th of february!!! Aussies, just be quick! 🙂




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