My dogness… my mum really is a softie!

Come on, mum, we go to the river Scheldt, we’ve been to the huge dogpark this morning. Let’s have a nice afternoon walk! Yes, she agrees! Weather is fine, look spring is in the air: little flowers in the grass! 🙂 ❤

Mum, mum, look, tide is low. Let’s go to the river. Further, mum, come on. What? You don’t dare? You are a softie and a bit of a coward! What? Water makes the stones slippery? You’ll fall? I don’t fall, I want to go to the water. What? Water is dirty? Not clean as in the huge dogpark? Never mind: we have the paw plunger for my dirty paws! You’re Nike’s are to pricey to go in the dirty water? Wet feet? Mum, you really are a softie! Woof wafwoofwaf!
Next time you’ll bring a long leash and I can go to the water? When will that be? 😦



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