Me? … I was chatting!

Today is monday. Normally mum is library-mum on mondays. Not today! She has some holidays… Something about carnaval, whatever that might be…

So this morning we went to the huge dogpark and we were not in a hurry. No lectures about dry paws. I played a lot with Rea, my labradoodle friend. She is fun! Even more fun than Rhea the shepherd. Pics and film tomorrow, mum says.

This afternoon we were busy with the plants: mummie-plants and baby-plants. Baby plants could not stay with their mum, they had to move to another pot. I had to help, mum said. Was not too sure: would the babies like that? Mum said yes. She said that I did not sleep with grandpa in the same bed when I got bigger?! Well, that’s correct. Baby-plants will become lady-plants: they need their own place. 🙂

While mum was putting everything ready, I already was on the terrace. I was having a nice chat with our neighbour-lady of downstairs. I was looking at her, busy with the plants too. She talked to me, so I said hello too. Mum came out and yelled and asked what I was doing? 
Chatting with the downstairs lady, mum! I promised her a baby-plant! 😉
Mum is quickly afraid, you’ll see why on the pics, she says… 😉

So mum brought her the promised plant later on and she made pics of me chatting with the friendly neighbour!

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