I am a ‘crack’ in… cracking! = Ik ben een krak in kraken… :-) A cracking-genius, me??? ;-)

Mum, what do you mean? International day? And what else? Mothertongue? My goodness, mum, you should learn to speak the dale-language! 😦
What? Is dale-language my mothertongue? Mum, listen, my tongue is in my snout! And my mother’s tongue is in the snout of Funnygirl Van ’t Asbroek!

Mother language?! I see, it is all about language! A celebration in all the countries of the United Nations? Mum, translate in my second language, please, if you can’t say it in dale-language! I see: a kind of party about languages all over the world! Because languages are important to communicate and for the culture of humans… See… I already said you should learn dale-language: you would understand the aire-culture and aire-philosophy much better!! 😉

Okay, let’s language-party! A cracking party! ❤


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