Being stubborn… like an Airelady should

– Come along, Dad, suivez le guide! I know the way. We were here already several times.
– No, Lizzie, we’re not going that way! That road will lead us nowhere, it’s a dead-end.
Qu’est-ce que tu dis? You definitely are pointing the wrong way, tu sais. We came from there, remember? Ngngngng… Why are you pulling? I want to go this way. 😦
– Nope, you smartass Airedale, we come from over there and now we’re heading this way.
Mon Dieu! I have this developed sense of smell, n’est-ce pas? I always know where I am and where I have to go. C’est par ici. Ngngngng…
– Stop pulling, Lizzie! You know: no pulling on the leash! OK, have it your way, we’ll see.

[Some minutes later…]
– What did I tell you, you stubborn Airelady! You see, we’re back where we were earlier!
Ca alors! OK, I may have been wrong this time, but don’t call me stubborn: je ne suis pas têtue! Mum always says I’m the perfect Airedale by the book, except that I’m not stubborn. 🙂
– Well, this time you might be right. Kita has more behavioral treats of a Labrador than of an Airedale, being educated by Grandpa Lennox and all, but… when it comes to being stubborn, she beats you right to it! With Kita you get your textbook Airedale stubbornness alright! 😉

[Some minutes later…]
– Look, Dad! There she is! Kita is over there. Hurry! I want to go say hello. Ngngngng…
– Lizzie, please, no pulling on the leash! It won’t get you nearer to your goal anyway…
Sacré Chien! Who’s pulling? You are pulling harder than I am, Dad! Ca n’avance pas. 😦
– That’s enough, Lizzie! Moreover, it is not even Kita! She’s at home now, with Mum.
Incroyable! That doggie-friend over there looks just like me, n’est-ce pas? Must be Kita!
– Oh, but there are many doggies looking exactly like you and only one of them is Kita. 😉

[Some minutes later…]
– Kita! You are here! Je t’ai vu tout à l’heure. You were walking and you didn’t greet me! 😦
– Silly française! I was here all the time with Mum. You must have seen my cousin Jara.
Eh bien! I was quite sure it was you! Must have been Jara then… Let’s go play with her!
– You haven’t met her yet, haven’t you? I’ll introduce you next time. She’s fun, you’ll see. ❤

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie

PS Kita did see her cousin Jara all right, later that day!!

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