Wednesday… Humpday? No!!! Sisters-day!

Today it’s wednesday! My overseas friends Ike and Sam of Wyoming call it Hump Day! Don’t know what that is, but they often wish me a happy humpday! 🙂 And the gang of four in the UK (Molly, Monty, Taffy and Winnie), they call it Silent Wednesday!

Well, for me, this wednesday it’s “sisters-day”. Okay, I explain it to you! Today my doggie sister FĂ©line and me, we have an oppointment at a big Park in Antwerp called Nachtegalenpark. (Park of the nightingales). By the way, our mums may come too, of course, they know each other too and get along very well, since we sisters were born! FĂ©line and me were born on the 29th of january in 2011, and our doggiemum is Funnygirl van ’t Asbroeck.

So we meet in the park and go for a walk! Beautiful weather for this time of year! Many other parkvisitors were looking at us, airedale-ladies. Yes, we know it folks, we are special! And yes, it is even more special to see two of the same kind! Have a good look! This does not happen every day, here!

When the mums get tired – not us! – we sit down on a terrace and the mums have a drink! Mum said I was restless because I did not want to lay down. She was not very pleased. Then at once it starts raining, not just a bit, but it really was  raining cats and dogs. Did not see them fall, these cats and dogs, what a language, mum, this English! – Should’t you say this in Dutch?

We hurried inside! FĂ©line and me we liked it there, we had our personal televisionset! (See the pictures!) After a while, I finally got ‘settled’. And the mums were talking and drinking coffee! Afterwards we went for another walk and mum took the blinking box… of course, for a fototoot!

Kita, fotoshoot!

Well Féline, this was nice! See you next time! Keep doggie-cool and healthy in the meantime! kisses from Kita. 



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  2. Hey dear sister Kita, so lovely to see us together !!! I really liked the walk and the sniffing with you, and thanks for the fototoot 😉 Many kisses and big hugs, see you ! xxxx

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