Beautiful portraits and… more online friends!

I have a lot of friends… I tell you in case you didn’t know yet! 😉
I have friends in the dogpark, I have friends on my storypage on the tv-typing-thing.

Blog, Kita, blog!!!

So I have friends on my storypage, I have friends in our street. I have friends at mum’s work. I also have friends who live for away! Overseas friends and friends abroad, not overseas, says my mum! Online friends! What line? Sometimes my mum is a puzzle to me! Anyway, I have friends everywhere and I’m so glad about that! 

This time I want you to meet a beautiful gang that always is very silent on wednesday! Do you know them? They are four!!!! Two aire-friends and two Welhs friends! Why do I talk about them now? Last blogtime they had great news! Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie, they got a great package!

A package! With a portrait! Sooooooooooooo beaueaueautiiiiiiiiiifuuuuulllll! I asked their mum if I could show it to you and she said yes! Well, here it is! Super, no???

The link to their storypage is on my storypage, at the right side… just scroll down a bit, it’s called Terrier fun! And it is fun!!!!!!!!!!!

The blog, Kita, the blog is called Terrier fun! 😉

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