Colours, colours everywhere… Autumn in the city!

Mum says I live my third autumn! I don’t get it! I really don’t get it! So I asked my grandpa Lennox! I’m only two years old, my next birthday (still few months to go!) is my third birthday and mum says I live my third autumn and I live it now!!! Grandpa Lennox looked at me and looked again. He was thinking, I saw that! Result? He didn’t understand neither! 😦

Anyway, because my mum loves autumn we make walks in the city and in the park. And yes, with the blinking box for the fototoots! I like these autumn-walks! I know when it’s autumn! There lot of colours, lots of fruits and nuts on the ground and lots of smells! But mum does not allow me to smell some weird little things: she calls them mushrooms! Rooms? Rooms? That’s very little for a room! Mum says that I can not eat these rooms, i would be ill! Who wants to eat rooms? This time, I agree with her! 🙂

Sit down and look at you for a nice pic? Why should I do that? I look where I want to look today! 😉 Fototoot or no fototoot! Be sure about that! i look at autumn now, not at you, mum, I’m sorry! And I’m not the only dog loving autumn! 🙂

Message for Féline: pic 35 and 36, mum made them on our walk home after our wednesday-appointment! 🙂

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