Big trouble!… Mum says trouble is big!

Mum and dad were away for a few days with their French friends. Yes, my friends understand immediatly! Big fun because we went to holidaymum’s place! We had a great time: Dixie, Eva, Grandpa Lennox and me! We really did! We played and played and didn’t stop playing!

But then trouble started! No, this time we didn’t do any mischiefs… Euh, well, maybe just a little one: Eva and me were having a very close look IN the dustbin! 🙂

So, no mischiefs, but other big trouble! Grandpa Lennox got ill! At 14,5 years old, getting ill is dangerous said holidaymum, so we had to be quiet. Lennox was vomiting all the time. So his personal vet came to holidaymum’s house and he got different medication syringues and his blood was taken. Nothing helped, he went on vomiting and vomiting all night. Next day his personal vet came again and he got a real infusion. After that, it seemed to get better.

The problem? His kidneys failed! A kidney-crisis. I don’t know that good what kidneys are but it seems very important these kidney-thing! My grandpa Lennox could have died, if I understood it well! But then you are mistaken!! Grandpa Lennox never dies! He gets more medication, other food and guess what? He’s alive and kicking again! Dad and mum are saying all the time: for how long? I say: for ever!

And now? I’m the one in trouble, mum says. I don’t want to eat! Only when she does the training exercises with me and she gives me a treat, I eat it! Mum is clever, after 6 or 7 exercises and treats I saw she was giving me pieces of my food in stead of treats! So I stopped exercising! Mum gets a little worried, I think!
We went for a walk! Yes! We exercised and I got a few treats, real ones, which I ate! 🙂 Of course. Mum says I’m tired and a little depressed, because of the illness of Lennox. I don’t know, I just don’t eat! 😉 We’ll see tomorrow! If she starts talking about the people in the green clothes, maybe I’ll eat!

For now, grandpa and me, we take a nap! 😉

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