Big?… And high!!!

When is she coming home, my mum, I have big news to tell her! Something big is in our street!

Mum, mum, let’s go for a walk! Take the blinking box with you, you will see you’ll need it! Really! Come on! Finally, we leave the house! Look, mum, do you see it? You can see it from our house!

Mum seems not too excited! 😦 She says she’s old enough to have seen lots of them! She says it’s a crane they use to built new houses or to renew old houses. A crane? Okay, so a crane-thing… rather high though!

Mum, I think it’s pretty high this crane-thing. And mum, don’t you see it’s moving all the time with this wind? I’m a little afraid. What if it fells down? Then we are in big crane-trouble, aren’t we? 😦

Mum says this big-high-moving-crane-thing will stay several weeks, she can read it on the sign. Well, we do the fototoot anyway, under the moving-crane-thing. I act like a real lady for this fototoot, mum is pleased with me! 😉

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