Human places sometimes are… very weird!

Last saturday morning mum asked if I was in the mood to be a good girl! Me? Always, mum, always! 😉 So my mum said I could go to the market with her. Market? What was that again? Seems that it was long ago that I went there with her… Grandpa Lennox says it’s a kind of shop, but outside… Okay, I come!

These human places are very weird! Look at that! Lots of clothes but there are no humans in them! And there! Human heads without body! My dogness, mum, how do these heads walk home??? Weird!

But I understand that! French products! They smell very good! That’s for eating… mum, do you buy some? Not today? Oh, that’s a pity! And there! Yummy, chicken! Not for today? What a shame!
Well, what’s for today then? Fruits? Okay, I want an apple!

Mum, mum, look! You said your leg was hurting, the other day! Look there, you can choose a new leg if you want to! By the way: why are the heads at the other side of the street and the legs over here?
Your market is a weird place, mum! Really! I don’t understand these humans, loosing all their body-parts and clothes anywhere, not collecting them! If I do so with my toys… well, you sigh a lot. Why do you not sigh? 😉

  1. Kita you were a very good girl at the market. We expect your Mummy will take you there more often now. Were there any nice doggy stalls?
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment about our pawtrait. You are most welcome to put it on your blog if you wish too. It is turning a bit wet here in UK and we are back to having our paws wiped every time we come in from the garden…….”sigh”

    Molly, Taffy, Monty, Winnie

    • Hey Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie! thanks for the porttait! I’l go tell my mum immediatley! Keep your eyes open next days or begin next week!!!!
      Here also, every time we go to the dogpark, mum uses the pawplunger to clean my paws! That’s cuddling time, I like it!
      And the market? That was fun! Yes there was a doggieshop too, I even got a treat but mum couldn’ t make a pic, too many humans around! Mum tries to respect privacyrules with the pics and she doesn’t like too many humans on the blog! 🙂
      See you next week with silent wednesday, I’m already curious! Hugs, Kita

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