Smarter than one mum… dumber than two mums… :-(

I invented a little game! In the dogpark – yep, that’s the place for games, no? So, in the dogpark there is a table, as you all know! Mum does not want me on it! 🙂

So, when we are in the dogpark, she watches me! Almost all the time, when I’m near the table! 😦

Then, I run and I’m doing my pooping-business! I know very well what comes next! Mum takes the little bag and is cleaning the poop, and she goes to the bin to get rid of the bag! That’s my moment! she does not look so I jump on the table! Another mum or dad calls my mum, points at me, mum sees me and she yells: Kita, get off! I know it, I already jump off when she turns to me now! The other mums have great fun!

I know my mum would like to have a picture of me on the table, but that’s the game now: I get on when she does not look, and I get off before the pic! Everybody is very amused! I’m a smart girl, I really am! I’m smarter and quicker than my mum! Teasing my mum with this table-game every morning!

TODAY! Well, two mums working together are smarter than me… I was on the table, Giva’s mum was keeping my attention the whole time… I was even sitting on the table ;-)… I forgot my mum! Just for a few moments, I forgot my mum! The result: she won! She has her pictures of me on the table!

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