Checked it out!… New fence is very okay!

So this morning we went to see the dogpark! Gate was closed. That’s good news! No big cars in the dogpark! That’s even better news! The best news? Fence is ready!

Yes, I could off the leash! And of course, we had a big inspection-tour around! Not only inspection of the fence, also did control the new gate for holidaymum and finally, my tree! Hard work! 😉

  1. Our dear Kita,

    I have a fashion question for you. How do you feel about airedale sirs and airedale ladies wearing clothes. You know, like sweaters or jackets like your friends in the pictures, or even accessories. What do you think about it?

    We have also noticed that you’re such a climber! Have you spent any time in the mountains? Do you think you may have distant goat relatives? I mean, don’t get me wrong, you look perfectly airedalian to us!

    With love from Berlin,

    • Hello misses Kristin and mister Ian! Yes, I’m a climber! You think like my mum, she says I must have been a cat or a mountaingoat in a previous life, before getting a “better” life as an airedale! 😉 And my mum says she is going to make you a PM too! Whatever that is! 🙂 anyway, have a nice sunday, Big hugs for you two from Belgium! Kita

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