Again! Again!!!… And even bigger!

Yesterday morning… early morning. Business as usual. Untill we arrive at the dogpark! Nothing usual anymore! The gate of the dogpark is wide open! All the dogs are gone… And there are cars, again! Cars playing in the dogpark? Again? Such big cars? What’s going on???

Mum says that I can have a look and a sniff, but on the leash. She says she takes no risks with her doggie Kita, the highway being very close. Okay, on the leash in the dogpark! My goodness: the world is getting crazy!

A big machine at the other part of the park, big lights on it! Mum, and look at that! The fence is gone! The old fence is completely gone! Mum must be very happy that I’m on the leash, oh, I would have had a good look otherwise! 😉

Mum says, the workmen are getting us a brand new fence! We have to make big walks for a few days… Mum sighs, me too! I don’t see my friends… And I can’t run… 😦

But the mums and dads are very happy with the new fence! No doggie-escapes possible anymore… If everybody closes the gate… 😉

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