Great promise… even greater fun!

Grandpa Lennox remembered it, me too – when he told me! My very wise grandpa understood it faster dan me, of course! He explained when we were in the car! Mum and dad promised to take us back to the seaside in autumn or in winter! Then we could run on the beach, off the leash, she promised! Yes, yes, yes! We did!

Mum made herself a promise too, grandpa said. He did hear her say it: one day I will go to France, with Kita, on foot, on the beach! Well, she did! All promises in one weekend!

Mum and me we went from Belgium to France, and we came back too, of course! On the beach, I could run free, off the leash… At least, most of the time… I did a little stupid thing of course… Yes, I’ll explain it! We were meeting this man and his two dogs. Dogs and dad both very friendly! Explaining we already were in France and that we still had one kilometer to go to get to Bray-Dunes, first village in France.

I played with the dogs and they told me there was some fresh fish on the beach. Of course mum did not understand our dog-language (one day she finally will end up following dog-language-courses!!!), so when we went on, I carefully sniffed! And YES! Found the fish!
I didn’t (want to) hear mum’s whistle-language which called me back! 😉 When she arrived I just swallowed the last part of the fish! She did put me on the leash immediatly! Mum was so surprised she forgot to take a picture of the other fishes!!
And off we went, away from the fishes, in the direction of Bray-Dunes. On the way back, she smelled the fish in time and she said: no more sushi-restaurant-visit for you Kita and did put me on the leash for a while, untill we came at other interesting things… 😉 Sometimes she is quit stubborn and clever, my mum! 😦

Anyway, we visited lots of things, you can see them in the pictures! We walked 8 kilometers (for the foreigh friends: 5 miles). that’s a lot for my mum and she says I did the distance three times by running all the time… That’s why I was exhausted! 😉

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