Flowers… near my bed!

Mum has this friend, a very good friend for a very long time! They met at boarding school wwhen they were 12 years old… So they know each other for more than 40 years. Grandpa says she was already there when he came and her grandpa-dog became 16 years old before going to the bridge!

Anyway, mum’s friend is at the Belgian coast for a month every year. She likesthe beach and spending time there! At the beach, there is this custom, excisting since ever! Children make paper flowers, collect shells and start their shop! They buy and ssell flowers. Money? The shells!

Mum’s friend makes of these flower, very nice flowers. She started making them for her kids and she still does (her human pups have pups of their own now!) for children at the beach, to make them happy. As you understand she is an expert after all these years. So mum sked her to make some for her, finally! 😉

Well, she did! And now I have these beautiful beach-made-flowers near my bed! Mum is in love with the colours, they make her smile… 🙂 Fototoot of course! One special flower for a very far away-friend… 😉


    • Thank you very much, mum says I’m blushing a bit! If we have a national flower it must be the poppies of Flanders field. Mum looked it up for me and yes, it is! Big hugs to all of you and your mum!
      PS It’s hot again here, overthere too? 😦

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