As the French say:… “L’histoire se répète!”

These warm summerdays? One good thing about it! We go to the dogpark in the morning, when it is still rather fresh and we stay there for a long time! So, we meet lots of friends, our “summerfriends”.
One of these friends is Juju! I only see her in summertime. 🙂 And she is the one with the ball with a tail! I would like to get that ball too! Every year again, we play the same game… Last year, I was frustrated, could not get the ball… but this year, in the end, she gave it to me!   🙂

And then there was Truco (with the two different eyes) and his dad. Truco’s dad was sitting in my tree, reading something on his black speaking box… would like to read that too, of course, so I tried to distract him… hahaha! Truco was cheering although he said I would not be able too read it. But I did.  😉

Proove of all this is in the blinking box! 🙂

This morning…

One year earlier…

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