New thriller-series!… Surgery, part 1!

As a lady should, she stays in touch with her family. 🙂  So I hear news of my relatives regularly. If we hear only the usual dale-things, it is not to write about, I think. But last three months, there is a thriller going on over there! My dogness! Today is part 1 of this series…

There is my uncle Apollo van ’t Asbroek. Pol for the friends, of course. My uncle Pol, he is a grandpa, like my grandpa Lennox! No, you silly, he is not a labrador! He is a dale, how could he be my uncle, being a lab. Good, my uncle Apollo is 12 years old (age of my grandpa when I was born, he always says). My uncle is a very beautiful dog and you know what??? He climbs in trees, just as I do! Mum says it must be in the genes. We look alike too…

What do you say? This is not a thriller? Just be a little patient! 😉
One day in april he got very sick: vomiting, did not want to eat anymore. Panic: my uncle not eating? Off to the green clothes of course! X-ray’s. A stain in the photo…
Horror! He must be very ill, at this age, a stain in the pic? Can’t be good…

So: SURGERY! Panic: will this go alright, at his age?!!! Lots of paws were crossed, all the family helped! Green clothes found what caused the stain! The old bandit fooled everyone! No cancer! A part of an old ball, swallowed weeks and weeks before cause partly digested… but those rests caused the problem now.
Dear uncle stayed with the green clothes for a few days and now? He is alive and kicking as ever… 

Jees, forgot to ask if he climbs in trees again! 😉

To be continued!

By the way: who is who??? You see the resemblance? 🙂


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