Thriller-series!… Surgery in ‘double’: part 2 and part 3!

Told you yesterday about my uncle Pol! That was already very scary! Wait till you hear this!

There also is my aunt: Pimpernell van ’t Asbroek. Auntie Pim (for friends and family) is a special lady, my dogness, she is! She went to see her big lover ❤ , she wanted babies, you know! 😉 🙂 That was in the month may!
But one week later she got very, very ill: she vomited, she did not eat anymore… If you know my auntie Pim, you get in a big panic: she lives for her meals and taking naps! So the whole family panicked and not a bit! Her mum and dad rushed off to the green clothes with a very ill dog. Green clothes took photo’s, nothing to see… Green clothes decided, together with her mum and dad to take the risk and  to have a very close look…  Grrr: SURGERY! Special surgery with special medication because auntie could be pregnant…. So auntie Pim got a zipper in her belly! Taking the risk was a very good idea: she ate something that came out allright but it made holes in her intestines. Reparation required! 😦 Auntie stayed with the green clothes for a week! 😦 But she did get better and got healthy and was eating (lots!) and napping again! 🙂

Big wonder 🙂 , auntie was pregnant and echo showed pups were allright! In this case, new risk to take…  another SURGERY! Few days before she should give birth, pups are born with a caesarean operation. Green clothes were afraid the other zipper could unzip, that was not necessary. So now my auntie Pim has 8 beautiful and healthy pups ❤  and… 2 zippers in her belly…   🙂  Pups are born on the 11th of july, that’s the flamish ‘national’ holiday.

Isn’t she a very brave lady??? Told you I’m from a very special family!!!

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