Thriller-serie!… Part 4: the end! (for the moment…)

Okay, here we go again! About my thriller-loving family…

Since short I have a cousin over there too! A little gentleman of about 5 months old now, I think… difficult counting the months with all these puppies around… and time goes fast! His name is Sunny.

Before he gets at the age of my uncle Apollo he will have a lot of zippers, I think. A month ago, this big-little bandit (he really is!!!) was quicker than a lightning! He really was! At a BBQ, before anyone could have seen it at that fast speed,  he could lay paws on something with a bone in it and swallow it at the same time. His mum and dad even didn’t have the time to yell the “Leave-it”-command. 😦

At the – even faster –  same speed this bandit-guy was taken to the green clothes for SURGERY! He got a zipper, bone came out and put far away so he could not find it when he woke up, hahahaha! He could go home a few hours later… And did heal very quickly! 😉 What he does is in speed-tempo!

Cousin Sunny did not learn his lesson! He is always watched with all Hawk Eyes around: he is still the guzzler of the family. But he is such a sweet and loving boy, his dad always says! ❤

Well, my mum is very pleased I don’t have a big zipper yet from swallowing something… 😉 Mum and dad of uncle Apollo, auntie Pim and cousin Sunny are very, very happy to have some super-efficient and caring green clothes: they are the ones writing the happy ends at this thrillers! Mum and dad Van ’t Asbroek  joke about it: we should take a subscription at the green clothes for ten surgeries with the eleventh for free!

My mum says she hopes everything will be fine for a long time, without zippers! 😉

Sunny, the speed-guzzler

Sunny, the speed-guzzler


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