Lady Kita?… Lady silly faces!

Mum is still busy with this cleaning spring, euh, clean springing…

You silly little one: spring cleaning!

So mum is still springing and cleaning and some times she does not want my help! I’m of good service though. 😉 But if I get a buffalo-skin-chewing-bone, I forget helping immediately! Grandpa understands, he says. But he says I still have to learn to chew as a lady! He can not stop laughing with all my silly faces he says! he says I start civilised but it gets worser and worser…  He said he would get a laughing-illness one day, looking at me chewing!

Mum saw it too and got the blinking thing of course. She says this is a real fototoot, as they make for fashion magazines. Grandpa grouched I can call myself happy there is no magazine for silly faces! Gggrrr. He always has comments!
Mum made a dia-show. I don’t know what that is, but she laughs a lot with it! 😦

Grandpa said he does not understand where mum thaught to gain some time, giving me a chewing bone… Really, my grandpa gets old, mum did not gain anything, I was the one gaining!! A chew bone! 🙂

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