New little friend… a bit special!

Big surprise this morning in the dogpark! I made a new friend! I have lots of friends as you know. And I often meet new friends. Nothing new. 😉

But this one is a bit special! His name is Didi (comes from Didier). This young boy is 8 months old. No, that’s not special! But!!! He is a mix of a Sharpei and… an airedale! Isn’t that special? Boy is coming from the shelter, so he is a rescue-doggie! Nobody wanted this sweetheart untill his mum saw him! He is a sweetie and very happy with his mum, but as an airedale, he is… stubborn. I heard his mum tell it to my mum. 

We did play fine, but yes he is a bit stubborn… if he thinks it’s time to stop playing, well, playing is finished. Then we run a bit… 🙂 That’s fine for me too! 😉


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