Today?… Little bit frustrating… :-(

We are in the dogpark this morning! A lot of friends are there too! One friend found a ball and one of the dads is throwing it so we can fetch it! Yes, I’m there first! But I loose the ball! Sammy gets it and she never gives it to someone else! Not to a mum or dad, not to a friend! Grrrr…. Frustration 1!

And now we play in the tree! Only Sammy wants to get in. Young black Eva tries to come up at the wrong side! My goodness! And I wanted to teach her how to climb! Mum, you see it? No friend dares to go as high as me! Eva does not want to climb! Frustration 2.

Oh, but Juju is arriving! I like playing with her! Her dad has a red ball with a kind of an end… That’s nice! I want to play too! But Juju does not want me to! Frustration 3.

Mum, this is really enough for today! On top of all that my mum made pictures and a film with the blinking box! Well… that’s even more frustrating, now everybody can see all of my frustrations!… 😉

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