One day a lady… next day a baby!

One day my mum is very pleased with me, the  other day she isn’t that pleased at all… I say: that’s airedale-life! 😉

Why? Kato was in the dogpark and her mum is really very friendly! I like her! Sometimes she gives me a treat! 🙂 This morning she sat on the seat near the table in the dogpark. I got on the bench, and I even got on her lap! She allowed me to! 😉
My mum does not like me to do that with other people! Lots of mums and dads don’t like big dogs on their lap, she says! I think it’s one of her silly ideas! 😉

So I did it anyway! 😉 I had to get off very quickly! Mum was calling me when she saw it, that was a pity! Lot of jealous friends were coming to see me… 😉

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