Lots of airedales… part 2!

Mum got pictures from an airedalefan. I already told that yesterday or so. Mum said she was going to do something with them, put them in something. Well, I did not understand!

But now I’ve seen the result!  Awesome job of that sir, mum says! This mister was very kind to me too! He saw immediately it were all Kita’s in the picture! 🙂
He said I’m a beautiful lady, even more beautiful then the dales in the pictures! 😉 I was very pleased, I must tell you that. So I behaved very well in his shop, as a lady should! 😉
Other people came to see me too and did praise me! Even a little human girl of two years old came very close and touched me. I didn’t move! I just smiled as a lady should! Her human mum said she was really impressed by me!
Don’t have to tell you my mum was very, very pleased with me, do I??!!! 😉

Mum made pictures again. And I show you my favorite one! 🙂

Who wants to know where to buy them (not framed), my mum found this: http://www.ragtail.co.uk/

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