Lots and lots of airedales!… In the pictures! :-)

A few weeks ago, my mum got a present! A present of an airedalelover! And when I say an airedalelover, I really mean it! You know: this airedalefan is the human mum of my doggie-mum Funnygirl! The human mum and dad of my doggie-mum have airedales for more than 30 years! Lots of airedale-babies are born there! I am one of them, so is my sister Féline. And we are very proud about that!

Once, in the street, a man said to my mum that this girl (me!!!) is a very beautiful airedale! 🙂 🙂 He also said: I’m almost sure her “second name” is ‘Van ’t Asbroek’. My mum was so surprised and said that indeed, my name is Kita Van ’t Asbroek! The man was in a hurry to get on the tram and he disappeared… no further explanation! 😦

So my mum got these pictures with so many airedales I even can not count them (yet). – Maybe later I can… 🙂 Will ask my grandpa Lennox if he can…
Mum is going to do something with them, put them in something… Anyway, she’s going to put them at the wall on the first floor, she says. Aha, I maybe can play with all these friends??? I can jump against the wall too!

Don’t you dare, Kita! No jumping at all, against the wall!!!

Anyway, more pictures when it’s ready, mum says.

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