Me, afraid of horses?… No way!!!

Come on, mum, have a look over there… I have to pull a bit on the leash: my mum does not follow immediatly! She is stubborn: I have to go where she goes and not the other way around!

This time I get her attention! She stops and she is wondering! I can see it at her face! Mum, look there! A very very very big dog! Let’s have a look! I want to play!

Kita, that’s a horse! I thought you are afraid of horses??????

Ha, we approach! I sniff… that’s not a dog… I keep a little distance! I bark! maybe, the beast will answer?? I bark again… no reaction… Okay mum, it’s not interesting at all! Mistake… let’s move on! 😉

Hahaha, Kita! Still no “like” for horses? 😉

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